Arthur Ralph
ASECUK is the initiative of cctv /security enthusiast and businessman Arthur Ralph, who many will recognise , having much experience in the cctv /security industry and motivational success coaching arena.

You can read about Arthur at www.PositiveBanana.com and he is as motivated as you can imagine, he has backing of the group to ensure that ASECUK will be a leading field within the industry. It is designed to help any UK installer who is fortunate to be accepted into ASECUK to have all 'hot' information from the leading key distributors readily available, to ensure they succeed in this fast moving, competitive market.
A multipage newsletter, password protected membership website and FREE entry to the ASECUK events are just the start .... you are going to be miles ahead of the competition, ready to win quotes and deliver the best package for the job. You will have the latest product information to hand and be able to source from the best suppliers, having knowlege of delivery times, warranties and branded products, whether it be Analogue, IP or HD-SDI Make it happen! Limited membership as the ASECUK events can only cater for a set number of members so get involved now! Pay by debit/credit card using the PayPal button below .....